Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hey so first awesome that Casen (my nephew) is here!!!!!! he is so cute!!!!. He's just a little guy but I do love the photos! Also, sorry about last week. Our mission President has cut down writing to 30 minutes instead of 2 hours. It's hard but we have to follow the rules.The sister missionaries that are new in the district set off the alarm in the church building because they have keys but don't know the codes.. haha so we started running and we left early from computer time for this reason.
My new companion is Elder Haug. He is from Utah! He is my first Caucasian companion. It's a little strange for me because normally the President puts English Elders with native Spanish companions but this time is different. He likes to work and it's been really good week with him. We get along super well, we've had some amazing contacts and lessons. I hope it continues. I dont have a lot of time but things are good here. It's still extermely hot but the work has smoothed out a bit and also we will have 2 more baptisms on the 20th of this month!!! Life is good. I love you guys a lot. Tell everyone to take care and also to take care of Casen for me!!! give him a hug from me please! Tell Karissa and Cody I said hi and that they are going to have an awesome little boy and that he will become a great man some day. Love you All!
-Elder Bales


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