Sunday, September 4, 2016

We have two investigators that accepted a baptismal date! The experience was a little different than I thought it would go but they accepted. A mother and her daughter. The mother told us that a long time ago, she prayed fervently to God that he would bring the truth. And she prayed and prayed and prayed. About a year ago, the missionaries contacted her and began teaching her, however, she was baptized by her own sister of a Christian faith. They are baptized in the same way we do except it is different because of the Priesthood authority that we have to do so. This became difficult for her because she and her daughter were baptized a year before in this other church and so the missionaries stopped visiting her. That was a year ago. Almost two months ago, My companion and I were visiting old and recent investigators and we decided to visit her. After we set up an appointment, she told her daughter that she had seen my face before and that she had known me from somewhere and this freaked her daughter out a little. We got them to come to church activities, Sacrament meeting, and have worked with them for the past month about the Priesthood, Prophets, and about baptism. This last appointment, she decided that she wanted to get baptized. This is when she told us her story that when she prayed a long time ago for the truth, all she saw was a face. And she told us that it was my face. That she has been waiting all this time for this person to bring her the truth and to baptize her. She said she forgot about her experience but that every time we passed by, something changed. Also, we gave her a Priesthood blessing because she has troubles walking. Afterwards, she said she felt something run through her body. Before this, she decided to visit the doctor because it hurt a lot to walk and get out of bed, but she said after we gave her the blessing, everything changed. Anyways, she believes that the church is true and that her daughter felt the same way and wants to go to the temple so they accepted baptism!!!! That was the great part about this week, plus we had a lot of cloudy days so it was less hot!! Take care! Elder Bales

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