Thursday, May 11, 2017

Happy 20th Birthday to Me!!

March 20th- I didn’t have much time to write but it sounds like things at home are well.  Here in the mission, it’s quite a bit of work and it’s starting to get hot again. I gave a talk on Sunday about discipleship. We learn in Luke chapter 9:56-62 about the people that wanted to follow Christ but asked to say good bye to family or bury a loved one before they did, but the Savior taught that to be a disciple is a difficult road. Even until death as it says in D&C 103: 27&28. We have to go the extra mile like pioneers who died on the path to Zion, and they  did it with very little. Today in our age, we have all the resources to do the work of the Lord like the first saints. Sometimes it seems hard to be a Latter-day Saint with demands on our time and talents, but I just hope to keep pressing forward in the mission so that I can be a true disciple of Christ. Love you all, take care and tell Kon that I know he will love his mission and will learn lots and pass through lots of challenges. Miss you bye!
Elder Bales
P.S. my bike broke and I had a flat tire and we walked 50 minutes to the repair shop..haha Always having problems. 
Elder Flores & I taking a break

March 13th- It sounds like the ward is getting smaller and smaller. I’m sorry to hear about the members who have recently passed away. I’m sure that it is hard when things like that happen and we know one day it is going to happen. It’s great to hear, though, that Cody Peck and Konnor went to the temple. Now I’m starting to feel old! I’m going to be 20 in a week!!!!!!!!!! What am I going to do!?!?!?!?!?! In church today the Priesthood class talked about daughters of God and the women in our lives and how important they are to us. I love you so much mom. You have helped me a lot and it’s great feeling to know that I’m always loved in a good home. There are lots of people here in Mexico that come from bad homes, broken and without love. Many suffer from beatings and abuse where they live and it’s very sad that the children don’t get the help they need.  Thank you so much for always reminding me to get the job done and to stay strong and also for your support in my activities in school and at church. I’ve learned many things in life from you about love and service.This week has been crazy. I had to buy new shoes because the ones I have are broken and rocks get in them.  We started an English class in hope of finding really good investigators. We have lots of people we teach but many of them say “yes yes  yes”, but when it comes down to the moment of going to church or reading or praying, they try to make excuses. We know that to be a member of the church it takes work and dedication so we are on the search for good converts. Take care of the family and know that I love you guys and miss you all. I know that I’ve still got a long marathon to finish before I come back. It’s not easy to be a missionary every day, but I’m sure that it’s worth the two years! Bye! Elder Bales
The New District-Elder Flores, Elder Buitrago, myself & Elder Lindquist

The Old District

March 3rd-This week has been super busy with transfers and all. We are working with various persons. It is sometimes very difficult for people to leave their bad habits behind and  hard to change their minds. For example, we teach them that they have to go to church every week and they make a lot of excuses and reasons not to go. Before someone can get baptized, they have to go to church 5 times, so if they miss one, it feels like forever until the next Sunday.... but I still love it here. 😁  There are lots of humble people here. The area is so big! I’ll take a picture this week of our map and send you it to you.