Thursday, May 11, 2017

March 20th- I didn’t have much time to write but it sounds like things at home are well.  Here in the mission, it’s quite a bit of work and it’s starting to get hot again. I gave a talk on Sunday about discipleship. We learn in Luke chapter 9:56-62 about the people that wanted to follow Christ but asked to say good bye to family or bury a loved one before they did, but the Savior taught that to be a disciple is a difficult road. Even until death as it says in D&C 103: 27&28. We have to go the extra mile like pioneers who died on the path to Zion, and they  did it with very little. Today in our age, we have all the resources to do the work of the Lord like the first saints. Sometimes it seems hard to be a Latter-day Saint with demands on our time and talents, but I just hope to keep pressing forward in the mission so that I can be a true disciple of Christ. Love you all, take care and tell Kon that I know he will love his mission and will learn lots and pass through lots of challenges. Miss you bye!
Elder Bales
P.S. my bike broke and I had a flat tire and we walked 50 minutes to the repair shop..haha Always having problems. 

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