Monday, January 30, 2017

December 12th- Well this week has been interesting. I got my new companion. He and I get along really well. We also had a lot of opportunities to serve and we found a lot of new investigators that have potential. We had a lot of work as well just walking around in every part of the area with one person after the other. Also, I learned something this week about love and worth. I learned that everyone has worth. The Savior died for everyone of us because he values us. God has given everyone something special and that we should help others to see their value. I learned too that sometimes the people around us don't keep the commandments or don't make good choices. Naturally we want to tell them to stop and that the thing they are doing is wrong, but that won't help them stop. Many times there are things going on with this person and all they are looking for is love and can't find it and that's why they may not be doing the right things. Love is the way to heal and to see people for who they are and that love is the way to understand and to learn. We can more fully understand the gospel if we can have love. God commanded- Love thy neighbor as thyself" 

 Anyways, love you and miss you! Bye. 
Elder Bales

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