Sunday, November 20, 2016

October  30th   Hi Everyone,  sound like things are good there! Time just goes by faster and faster and hard to believe that I’m about to hit my hump date..haha... also I’m pretty sure that this will be the only Christmas I will miss. I had a chance of seeing the billboard in the mission office which shows all the generations of missionaries that are in the mission right now and currently  I’m not with the generation that I came with. A lot of American missionaries have told me that they leave 2 or 3 weeks earlier than their mission entrance date. I’m programed to leave with the transfer before me who already speak Spanish. I think it is because American missionaries serve in the MTC for 6 weeks and native Spanish speaking missionaries only 2 weeks. This time counts for us which means that I will return home the 21st of December 2017.  If something changes though  I will go home January 31st of 2018 which is 4 weeks after my entrance date, but I’m pretty sure that I’m leaving the next year before Christmas. The sister missionaries are living at our apartment because they were having troubles with someone entering in their house so my companion and I are living with two other elders until the sisters find a house.  Take Care, miss you all! Bye! Elder Bales

November 7th
 This week has been interesting. Our investigator who is gay accepted the law of chastity!!!!!!! He told us that he had thought about it a lot and he wants to follow Christ! He is about 43 years old and he isn’t sexually active but he wants to leave that lifestyle behind so he is doing great. Our other investigator accepted baptism and she wants to leave the Catholic Church, but she is going to be gone for a month starting next week so she won’t be baptized until before or after Christmas. We have other investigators but they are the ones who are going to church, reading, and doing everything thing we ask of them. We are still living on the floor of a house with some other Elders, but we are doing well. This Sunday is conference for all of Mexico. And....the President of the area of Mexico is going to be in our mission in Los Cabos!!! San Lucas. All the missionaries here in this part of the mission are going to go to a multi-zone meeting there with the President of the Mission and the Area 70 President of Mexico. There are about 40 missionaries here in the Baja South

November 14th
We have three baptismal dates. We set a baptismal date with our investigator, Julio, that has had problems with same sex attractions.😁 The 60 year old, Paula, that has been Catholic all her life decided she doesn’t like the Catholic church anymore and has a testimony about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.😁 Another investigator who has accepted baptism but he still has a long ways to go because he never got married and has been living with his companion for 30 years. We had our meeting with President Piper who is the area President of Mexico. He is from Blackfoot!!!! He asked me if I attended Blackfoot High or Snake River because he went to Snake River and it was a little awkward because we were rival schools but I don’t think that he minded much about that haha.  He taught us a whole bunch of stuff! He is super awesome! I will have pictures from the trip to Los Cabos San Lucas next week. Love-Elder Bales


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