Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I sadly don’t have much to talk about this week cause it was a bit slow, but we did celebrate sister Morales birthday. We worked and taught and right now we have a lot of investigators but we have two that are progressing a lot. We have a 60 year old lady who we have been teaching and she always goes to church, is reading in the Book of Mormon, has a testimony of Joseph Smith and her only problem is that she has been Catholic for all her life. She is waiting for her prayer to be answered about baptism. The other good investigator is a 43 year old man who we started teaching about a month and half ago. He is reading in the Book of Mormon, going to church every week, likes everything we are teaching,  is praying a lot...but he has a little bit of a problem because he is gay. We left him a talk to read to help him understand more but he isn’t active or anything. He is more feminist than gay because he owns a hair salon, but he is really changed and loves the church and the doctrine. We still haven’t talked specifically about how homosexuality isn’t proved by God but one step at a time. That’s our investigators and we are going strong. Love you all and take care!  Elder Bales

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