Sunday, October 2, 2016

Well this week has been super busy...I am now in La Paz. Paz means peace, so hopefully it will be more peaceful here than Culiacan but... there still lots of shootings here too...haha. Life just gets going faster and faster and there never is enough time to do everything. I feel a little disconnected from Idaho, but the craziest thing happened...I met someone from Idaho!!!! sort of... We have a recent convert in the ward and we ate with him on Sunday and his mother in law is married to someone in Idaho!!!! They recently went to Idaho for two months and just got back! She showed me pictures and her husband is from Warren. Their ranch is way up in the mountains. They took pictures of deer, snow, and all sorts of things. I just felt a little closer to home. My area is the coast line of La Paz so we have a lot of businesses in our area but its super great! Well take care! Love you all! Elder Bales

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