Sunday, October 2, 2016

I'm in a new area in La Paz, Baja California. My companion also got changed to this area because President Gabaldon transferred the two elders out of the area who were here before us. When we got there the house was super dirty and they hadn't written down anything in the area book. They didn't have any investigators and so we are basically opening things here. It is a really big area too, the only one that has the main part of the coast  line of La Paz. I know that everything will be alright and my companion and I are super happy and are working really hard. Sadly we were runing late today and so we dont have a lot of time to write. I hope things can calm down at home and I hope everything can be okay :) I love you guys so very much. We were in the gospel principles class and we saw a video about temples and I liked it alot. It reminded me of what's really important in life and how much I love you guys and I know that nothing can separate us. Try to remember what's really important in life and the Lord will provide for the rest. ­čśüLove you so much and take care. Sincerely Your Son, Elder Bales

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