Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 4 in La Paz.
This week has been very interesting. We had 5 investigators that came to General Conference! We do a lot of walking in this area....I mean a lot!!!! more than in any of the other areas of my mission. It’s like climbing table rock every day. Also, we had some run-ins with Los Borrachos...aka when people drink too much. We were working in our area which is in the center of the city. It was starting to get dark and we were stopped by a big buff guy. He was a little bit shorter than me but was huge in size. He began asking us questions about the Bible but mostly to harass us. He started speaking rudely and aggressively. He seemed to get angrier and more lost with each passing moment. Then he told us that the police were looking for him right then. He started telling us about what he had just done. He was extremely drunk and had apparently gotten into a fight. He had blood on his pants but it was dark so no one else could see his pants. He then told us that he killed a man and it didn’t bother him. Then he grabbed my companion by the tie. First, I thought he was going to ask to have it but then he gripped it firmly. He told my companion that he was going to beat him up, but that the angels were watching over and that he could beat up a man of God. He started asking for money. My companion didn’t want to take out his wallet for fear that he was going to ask for all his money, but he wouldn’t let us stop talking to him. He even touched the shoulder of a random lady who walked by. But finally he left. Then we saw the police driving around everywhere. Everything is fine now, but it just shows that the Lord watches over his servants. 
This General Conference was amazing. I really enjoyed it and I hope everyone had a chance to see it. Well, take care and keep all the missionaries in your prayers! Elder Bales

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