Sunday, September 4, 2016

This 1st week of July has been a bit harder. It's sometimes a little difficult to live here in the city. Everyone lives in small houses one on top of the other and it gets a little stressful being here with so many people. There is no grass, lots of dogs and cats, a ton of trash, and it's really hot here right now. They have a hot season for 6 months and then it will start to cool down, but right now we are in the middle. Anyways, we have really went down in our numbers of lessons. It's just gotten so hot that we can't contact anyone because no one is on the streets. Also, a lot of appointments have fallen through and we do a lot of walking! We do have two investigators attending church with us, though, and I think they will get baptized. Other than that it's pretty normal here except we did got a new mission president! He is so young. He is 39 and has four kids with him here in the mission. The youngest is 2 and the oldest is 12!!! Who knows what is going to happen in the mission. We will just have to wait and see. Anyways, love you all, take care, and I'll see you later!!!! Elder Bales

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