Sunday, August 28, 2016

Well this week-June 20th was transfers and I am staying. We are going to have two baptisms this week! Also, after this week, we will receive a new president of the mission. President Velez has been called to be an Area Seventy in the church!! In the last General Conference, they read his name! So cool. Our new president is 38 years old!!!! He is so young. He has little children too!!! I don't know how he is going to do it. It's going to get interesting in the mission. Also, I had a great spiritual experience. One of the baptisms this week is a teenager. His mother has been inactive since she was 16 because she got pregnant with him at that time. The grandma has become active again in the past 2 years and the missionaries baptized her niece. We started visiting this family. The mother, Olympia, (who has been inactive) her son, Jorge, the grandma, Jeni, and the cousin, Jennifer are all living together. The grandma had all her children baptized and yet each of them became inactive. It was really hard on her, but we started teaching them and her grandson wants to get baptized. The mother, Olympia, was fine with it, but didn't want anything to do with the church. We started teaching and she started listening, praying with us and last week we got her to come to church. That night, we had a lesson with them and she wanted to share a thing she learned from church that day. She had a quote of one of the earlier prophets of the church and it was so powerful for her.  She has had problems with abuse at work, her boyfriend left her, and her life has been really hard. She started crying and told us her story and how when she was a teenager, she went to church, seminary, and made a bad choice and she felt bad. When we started visiting, she really liked it and started changing and cried. The grandma started crying because she felt like it was her fault. It was great because her son really helped during this time and was praying with her. She is so happy with us now and always asks her mom when we are going to come by. It was amazing because I saw the hearts of the children turn to the hearts of the parents and the hearts of the parents turned to the hearts of the children in two different generations, a grandmother, her daughter, and the grandson. Really amazing! Well that's my story this week. Take care everyone! Send me snow, because it is so hot here! haha. Elder Bales

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