Tuesday, June 7, 2016

First for this week, we have two investigators with baptismal dates and three other investigators who are attending church. We have been working really hard here. We are in the hot sun all day, looking for people, but through faith and diligence, we have been able to find new people and less actives and it has been good so far. Probably the most spiritual thing that has happened this week is that we were looking for a reference and we came to the wrong house. A woman came out and was a bit mad and asked what we wanted. We told her we were looking for someone and she told us that she didn't know anyone here really.  She let us in the gate and was fine with us sharing a message. Before we began, we sang a hymn and we asked her if there was anything she wanted us to ask in the prayer, and she started crying. Her son died 6 months ago to the day and she was the one who found him and she still doesn't know what happened. We taught about the Plan of Salvation and about prayer and she came to church this week!!! She is really amazing and sweet. I just felt that the gospel can help her with her pain and I hope that she will continue with us. We will see tomorrow. Also, this week, we had an activity in the chapel called, "Ward evening”, but for the ward instead of “family home evening" and it was a great activity where the members made family trees and we played guess the word, Mormon style, and at the end, they did a music show. IT was really good. 

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