Monday, May 23, 2016

This week it’s been pretty simple. This last Saturday, we had an activity with the youth. They decided they wanted to give out Books of Mormon and so the missionaries taught them how to do it so that they can find people who will actually read it. We had about 17 youth show up and we split up into 3 groups since there are 6 missionaries in this ward. We taught them a lot about contacting, asking questions, and why we have the Book of Mormon. It was a really great activity and lots of fun. Now we wait to see if they get any bites during the next two weeks for references. I am still getting adjusted to my new area. The smaller than the last one. I will send pictures next week but it’s really small for three people. However, the area is big. We walk a lot and we also use the buses if we have to go very far. Also, the roads are so confusing. I can’t figure out where we are half the time. More next week! Take Care, Love & Miss you all! Elder Bales

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