Monday, May 23, 2016

I really loved seeing & talking with everyone yesterday for the Mother’s Day Skype. I’m sorry that it was only for an hour, but there's always Christmas.  Here is the week. This week is Tranfers!!!! I got transferred which is weird for new missionaries. Usually they serve in their area for 4 and half months or more before their first change of area, but I got changed after 3 months. I am now in Culiacán, The area is called Humaya. Orginally, I was to have one companion, but now I have two!!!. Haha. I was going to be the companion to the zone leader, but now I am the companion of two zone leaders!!! I don't know what the President was thinking cause this is kind of unusual. There is almost always two zone leaders, and the President usually changes district leaders to be zone leaders. However, the President put me with the zone leader before the second change in the transfers from 1 to 2 companions. The President could have made a zone leader or put someone with more time in the mission but a newbie it shall be. I’m not sure why the President wants me with these two companions but I'm just excited because it's a transfer! My companions are Elder Day, he has 20 months into the mission and he is from Oregon.  Elder Moncayo is only 6 weeks in the mission so I'll probably transfer to a different area after 6 weeks. This means that I had to say good bye to Costa Rica. A lot of the people were sad to see me go. I'm going to miss them, but I will never forget them. I will continue on next week about the transfers and everything. Take care. Love, Elder Bales

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