Monday, May 23, 2016

Hey Everyone, so not much new has happened this week. 
   Yesterday, I played for Sacrament meeting again from the hymn book and it went much better this week. I had only one or two mistakes each song. This week, we have two investigators with baptism dates. Two investigators that want to get baptized but have to get married before they can (a lot of people here like don't like to get married so they just live together). And a lot of other investigators are taking the lessons. We visited a lot of less active members and ate with about every active member. Haha. It's great here. Well for the most part. My companion fell off his bike and scraped his palm and his arm and he has had some infection in his sores because he wouldn't take care of the cuts until they started to hurt. He can be pretty stubborn. He got really mad with his bike because he doesn't know how to put the chain back on when it pops off and I tried to help him but he wanted to do it himself and he got really angry with his bike. Elder Gomez is a pretty funny companion at times but he is doing better now with his hand. It does get hard at times. Being a missionary isn't always a perfect job well done. Everyone makes mistakes and missionaries are no exception to this rule, but we always strive to act more like Christ in every way but we fall short at times. This week, I learned that it gets hard when the choices of others affect your ability to do the things you’re supposed to. My companion, Elder Gomez, is always late at getting ready and I can't leave without him even if I am ready. Sometimes, I get upset with him and ask him to get up earlier if he needs to or to not spend forever getting ready but he doesn't listen. I only need 30 minutes to get ready and 15 to eat but my companion takes an hour and a half or more to get ready and sometimes he doesn't have time to eat. So I've learned a lot about patience with others and forgiveness. Jesus forgave his apostles and followers many times and had patience when they couldn't understand what he wanted them to do or didn't do as they were asked. Jesus always invited the people to do the right things and always continued to love them even when they rejected him, loathed him, and threatened his life. If we all can think of people in our lives that we are affected by their choices and decide to try to help them more by loving them and inviting them to do good things rather than by telling them what they are doing wrong. We then can become more like Christ and find peace, joy, and happiness in thinking about our eternal future rather than the present. Always remember that people are more important than the temporal problems at the time. Take care Everyone. Elder Bales

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