Sunday, May 22, 2016

Well this week we've had some funny stories. First we started teaching some new investigators. They are great and the wife, Isabel, is really interested in the church. The husband...well...he is just pretty interesting. He has a Catholic background and he is a "borracho" He likes to drink when we teach him, he is a little goofy and crazy, but he is super nice. The first lesson, he said he wouldn't pray, Ever! and since he didn't want to pray then my companion was going to give the closing prayer but the husband, Fransico, started praying for the closing prayer and he did it kind of like a normal prayer but he said some weird stuff because of his Catholicism. One minute he said he wouldn't do anything and the next he started praying. haha  Also, their son is living with them right now while he is building his house and he is very nice as well. Today we helped him work on his house. I got eaten alive by mosquitos. They are so different here. You always know when you've been bit because you bleed where they bite.  I also got some blisters on my hands and chipped my thumb nail in the center, but it was good service. 
Second story, this Saturday was extremely hot. The sun was burning down and it was humid and hot. We were eating with a member and his mother-in-law, sister-in-law and his nephew. His nephew was a little 3 to 4 year old. He wanted to play soccer with his grandma and he said, "I want to play and be like the goal keeper when he stops the ball in the corner of the net." and so he asked his grandma to come play with him while we were eating. She said, "Oh but I'm so old, I can't." His reply, "You're not old, grandma." Then he wanted to go buy a soda but she didn't want to go into the sun so she said, "Look outside, it's so hot and sunny, we just can't make it." his reply, "Oh well we can buy a hat when we go." LOL he was so silly and funny. My companion saw a big insect on his arm and smacked it and said "Wacala!" which means sick, gross or disgusting. Well, the little boy was listening and it is a word for adults because it is a strong word and when his mom brought him food, he said, "Wacala and his mom said, "Who taught you that?!?!" hahahaha well he was a funny little boy. Also, this week, we watched 17 Miracles with an investigator because he had heard about it and wanted to see it. It was a good experience. It really touched his heart and he talked to us about his mom when she died and how he wants to see his mom and dad again. He is been an investigator for months but wouldn't read the Book of Mormon and he had a baptismal date some time ago but he didn't show up. He has had some negative experiences with missionaries before us but has really opened back up with my companion and me. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and is progressing. Also, this week I made "Mexican sushi" with the members. It's been such a changing experience here. I love all the members, investigators, and non- members. However, sometimes they don't go to church, read, pray, keep their promises when we ask them to do so but we continue to help and invite them. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. We all have weaknesses. Sometimes, we get angry with others when they do something bad or don't listen but we have to remember that they aren't perfect and neither are we. And that love and caring is the best way to help someone else. Being kind, loving, understanding, and helping is the best way to change the hearts of others and bring them closer to Christ. God loves you and Jesus Christ knows you. Don't look down on yourselves. You are loved and cared about always. Keep pressing forward in Faith and remember who you are and who you can become. Love and Miss you all. Take care. 
Elder Bales. 

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