Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I've really changed a lot here. I love many of fruits and greens here and I'm understanding more and more Spanish. Physically too, we travel 5-15 miles in a typical day and our area is really big.  It's just sometimes I miss things from home like  grass, carpet, pine trees, cold weather, familiar foods, people, locations. It's definitely a different world; the culture, lifestyles, and people, but I'm perfectly fine without those things. The thing I miss the most is my family. I finally got the package you sent 😂😀 I loved it so much!!!! I love the letters and pictures like crazy!! I miss you guys so much. I really did love to get those pictures so I can have them with me all week! And now I have pictures of the daycare and Mila and the family. And my little red head, Amelia. She is so cute! I love the ties and the the quote makes me laugh so hard!!! [they come. they eat. they leave!] from Bugs Life- It's so fun!!! Thank you so much for it. When I got the package from home, it was like you guys were here with me. It was great and I could feel your love and support, and it helped me to not miss home so much. I just love and miss all of you so much. Here, it's just me, nothing here is from home. It's nothing like Blackfoot or the United States. I'm now the only white person in town since Elder Jones transferred. No one speaks English except one member.  The gospel really helps me though.   I'm doing really good here and I'm happy, only I wish all of you could be here with me. haha. I had some really weird food this week. I had sting ray meat with a member. The next day I had octopus, and the next day I had cactus. My list of new foods that I have eaten goes on, haha. Also, I’ve helped make some food with members. Tortillas & meals, it's been really fun. Also, we had a branch conference this week. We have a new Branch President and during sacrament meeting, the elders and some of the young did a choir number and it was really good. I had to help them every practice with their singing because they are off on a few things and can't hit high notes but we worked at it and it was great. I've had to practice the piano a lot too. I can now play a lot of simplified hymns and two regular hymns from the hymn book. I've had to re-teach myself what I knew, but soon I should be able to play a few hymns for sacrament meeting, I think. I'm going to talk with the president of the branch if he wants me to start playing hymns. This week was cambios (transfers or changes) My companion is transferring to La Paz in Baja California. A new adventure for me so I’m a little nervous. I got my new companion on Monday, his name is Elder Gomez. He seems nice and I enjoy teaching with him. He is obedient and is just awesome. We've done well together. He doesn't speak any English but is very clear when he speaks. I've really progressed in the Spanish and I can talk to him and he understands me. Usually I only say two or three things wrong in my sentences. It's been good so far and I hope it continues. Just serving the Lord and I'm writing all of my experiences down. It's a change every day. Being a missionary keeps you busy. Take Care! Love you All- Elder Bales

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