Wednesday, April 6, 2016

 Well this week has been a little different, but good. My companion is a little high maintenance though. He is an only child and his parents are divorced so he is used to being on his own, doing what he wants, and his parents have a good amount of money. They are inactive, but he wanted to serve a mission so I think that is great. He got hit by a car this week. He didn’t know how to ride a bike before his mission, which I guess I understood and I have went slow for him. Haha but we were at an intersection and I was waiting for an opportunity to go and I was looking the other way. He decided to go and he didn't look both ways and he got hit. He is fine. The car was going slow enough that he walked it off. He wasn't knocked off the bike but it did hit him. He has only been in the mission 5 months and he is a city boy so he is not used to the small town life and the people. It’s kind of like I have to take responsibility for decision making and leading. I think the Lord really does want me to learn patience. My first companions in the MTC were a hand full, Elder Cano and now him. The Lord evidently likes put me with special companions, but I learn a lot of from them as well. Little by little I push them this way and that way to get them to missionary standards and grow a little. A lot of missionaries here don't follow the missionary rules. Some are even very disobedient and should be sent home, but I haven't had to deal with a missionary like that yet, although I haven't had a companion wake up on time  yet. Haha I thought the hardest things for me on the mission would be the food, getting up on time, and talking to people I don’t know, but so far those have been easy!!!  I would say the only hard thing for me is missing family, but I still have basically two years. I think that's the thing with some missionaries here. They are all looking forward to ending their missions and going back to their girlfriends and lives but they can either change, grow and utilize their two years or waste it. It's the same time frame but different results. I have changed so much in just three months and I know that I'll be a new person when I get off the plane. My focus is here. I love the people, the food, the lifestyle (well for the most part). The only thing I'm missing is my family, but I know you are all in the hands of the Lord and I'll see you in two years. So, I'm in the work, obedient, helping the other missionaries, and it keeps me busy. Nos Vemos- Elder Bales

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