Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ok so here is what happened this week
   We had a baptism this week. His name is Moises, he is 9 and his family has been inactive for some time. We have been teaching him the lessons because he wants to be baptized, but since he wasn't baptized at the age of 8, he is considered an investigator. We have also been reactivating his family while we have been doing this. It's been a wonderful experience with them. He is a great kid, well I guess I should say when he listens and pays attention. Haha He got the opportunity to have his dad baptize him which was awesome to see! The family is now active in the church and it's because he had a desire to be baptized. What a great day for us as missionaries to be able to witness a whole family coming back into the gospel. This week I played the hymns before and after Sacrament and it was alright for my first week of playing hymns I never played before in my life. Then next week or the week after, I will start playing during Sacrament Meeting. Crazy! I still feel like I need more time and some of the songs are simplified which is so much easier. We also have a new investigator who accepted baptism. She loves what we are teaching and she prayed to God to know if the church is true and she said she felt peace and comfort with it. Sadly, she isn't married. She has a boyfriend she is living with and they are getting married in June so we can't baptize her until after. As long as she is progressing in the gospel, and has made the decision to try and live it then it probably doesn't matter the exact time she gets baptized. It just keeps getting busier and busier, so much that I'm losing track of time. I'm forgetting a lot of English because I haven't spoken any of it for weeks and a lot of things from Idaho. It's like I'm a different person in a strange place with different challenges, trials, food, people, language, and just about everything. Anyways, I’m doing good, take care :) Love ya hope everyone is doing well.

Elder Bales 

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