Wednesday, April 6, 2016

So I had a lot of different foods, but I'm loving it! The food is really good. I had some bacon- wrapped shrimp, a lot of pepino's, the big chickens that I sent a picture of a few weeks ago (It was funny with the member who made it because I had a before and after picture) and cow brains, eyes, and tongue and I didn't know it until after. Haha. Also it was my birthday this week and my district and my companion surprised me with a little party. So here in Mexico, they have a tradition where they smash the person's face into the cake or "pastel" and they did that to me.  Anyways, it was nice until I remembered that I had to give a talk the next day in Sacrament Meeting! I talked about the Book of Mormon and how it is the keystone to our religion and when I worked in construction, we needed a strong cement foundation. To make it, you need a cement mixture of rocks, elements, sand,  and  water. Without the right amount of each, the foundation will crack or be too thick or thin. (Helaman 5:12) We need a strong foundation in Christ and we need to build it correctly. Many people here know a lot about the Bible but not the Book of Mormon. Some of the members don't read a lot of the book of Mormon. So the cement mixture is the Bible. The Bible is sometimes confusion, big, and full of information, but good. And the Book of Mormon is the water. It is clear and plain and precious. With both, the concrete can become strong and a good foundation for buildings and houses, a foundation in Christ. Meaning we need both the Bible and the Book of Mormon. If we have only one or the other, we don't have the fullness of the gospel. Anyways, I had to go second which made me more nervous.  I finished speaking at 12 which left us 10 minutes, but they sing songs really slow here because they don't know how to sing without a piano. Haha So we ended on time which was great. Afterwards, everyone told me that they liked it and that is was good, my companion said I spoke longer than him. I know I didn't say everything right but I still think it was good. So that was my stress for this week. Also, we have two baptismal dates for Adolfo (a 25 year old investigator who accepted baptism) and Mosies (he is 11 and his family is inactive but he wants to be baptized so we are teaching him and will baptize him) and also we have two other investigators that are really progressing. They are really interested and our next lesson is about baptism so we hope they will want to be baptized (Fransico and his wife) We have a lot of a lot of investigators and less actives that we teach but these four I enjoy teaching the most. They are great and we will be baptizing them soon and possibly two others. Well I don’t have a lot of time. Take care everyone. Love ya! Nos Vemos!
-Elder Bales

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