Sunday, March 6, 2016

Here's what happened this week.
We've traveled a lot to Culiacan, for things like my green card, my signature, my companion's interview, and my companion's leadership training-at all different times. Then today we went to go shopping for food so wow…we have traveled a lot. Also, it is super hot and humid here! I sweat so much and it isn't even their hot season yet. Anyways, there a lot of lizards here. They tend to be on the walls. One came in from our window and went into our big dresser on the top shelf. I have not opened it since then because I don't need to use it for anything. Also, I was (forced) to drink Coke here. We were eating with a family and other members of the ward and they all were drinking it except for me. I was drinking water and they asked why I wasn't drinking it and I said I've never had it and they all wanted me to try it and they forced me to. It was fine. It was like sprite combined with other things. I still prefer only sprite, but it looks like I'll have to drink a lot of Coke here. Anyways, I'm doing good. I’ve gained three pounds being here. I always feel like I'm going to throw up after eating because of how much food we eat. I really like the food except for a few weird things. A lot of the time, members feed us tortillas and frijoles refritos and it is sometimes gross because of how often we have it. Lettuce is way better in my opinion. I really like the lettuce here plain. So ya, I'm learning a lot and teaching a lot. We've got some less active members coming back to church and we also are working with a lot of investigators, but no baptisms yet. I'll be praying for some! Anyways, I'm doing fine. The language has been easier to understand than to speak. I understand a lot of the people here, but I can't communicate with them just yet. With time tho, I should be able to. Love and miss you all. Cuídese. Nos vemos.

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