Sunday, March 20, 2016

 So, I've had a crazy week. A lot of lessons to members, less actives, and investigators. Also, this week I gave my first blessing in Spanish. We visited a less active family and the grandmother was sick and we gave her a blessing of health. My companion decided to do the anointing and have me do the blessing which I wasn’t sure I wanted to do. It wasn't perfect but I know it was a good. Also, we blessed the sacrament again. And then, this next Sunday, I have to give a talk!!! The branch doesn't have a lot of members so the missionaries speak every 5th Sunday, which I'm nervous about. I'm understanding the Spanish here little by little but to give a talk is a lot of speaking. Oh well, I'm just going to have to do it. Anyways, this week we started teaching a new investigator who seems to be really interested. I think he has potential to be converted. I hope he accepts it. We will see what happens tonight when we teach him for the third time. Also, we are going to start teaching a less active family again who has an 11 year old son who wants to be baptized. We have to teach him everything before he can be baptized. Everything is good here. I love the people. I love the food. I enjoy the work, although my companion has been a little bit of a pain this week. He is sassy sometimes and stubborn but besides that, all is well. I do however still miss you all a lot, but I know this is what I need to be doing. I'll be turning 20 this week also! Mi cumpleaños! Anyways, love you all. 
-Elder Bales

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