Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hola everyone,
   My P-Day is Tuesday, so this is my first chance to use a computer since I've been here. A week goes by fast, but a lot can happen in that time. I'm on a new schedule. I wake up at 6:15 and go to bed at 10:30. I basically study, teach, eat, exercise, and sleep every day. Also, I have a companion with me all day too. His name is Elder Dutson. He is from Payson, Utah and is going to serve in Mexico, Tampico. He is a little crazy though. He is very hyper, and is a country hick- a real country hick. He loves trucks, doing stupid stuff, and telling stories of him and his "buds". Haha He isn't the type of person I thought I could be compatible with, but we get along pretty well. He is funny, enthusiastic, and is always in a good mood. Moreover, we make a great team for some odd reason because of it. I'm glad I have a great companion to start off who I can easily work with and learn from.
     Learning a new language is an interesting experience. Day one: Our teacher only spoke to us in Spanish, and still only teaches in Spanish. Day Two: we learn to pray, testify, and teach in Spanish. Day three: we teach in Spanish?! We had to teach the first lesson in Spanish to an investigator. It was extremely hard, and I probably didn't say anything right. I'm starting to understand it now, but I'm sure it will get better.   I've been called to be the district leader in my branch. I was really overwhelmed because of everything else I have to do as a missionary. Learning a language, teaching the gospel and just becoming a missionary! Add to that; now I have to do interviews, conduct district meetings, take care of everyone's needs, and get all the mail twice a day for my district. It's a challenge trying to be a missionary to missionaries. Some of the people in my district are having hard times adjusting and some want to go home. Also, some of the sisters have gotten sick so now I have put some much more focus on them.  The language is hard for everyone, so I have tried to step in and help with the knowledge of Spanish I received from High School. Lastly, I have to go to more meetings! I just hope I can help my district and we are becoming a very close group already.  Wish me luck!
      The missionary experience has been a great change in my life. I just feel different. I feel that I'm where I need to be even if I'm uncomfortable with this change in my sleep schedule, my eating schedule, and my daily activities. Every day, we prepare to teach, study Spanish, and do it again the next day. It makes me feel free. I don't worry anymore. I don't over think, and I've changed so much in this short amount of time. My life is clearer, and I can do what I do best- serve. I like it here, and I'm at peace with myself which is a great joy to me. I'm glad I'm here, and I pray all of you at home are doing well. I care about my family and friends and want you to know not to worry about me, and that I'm in the Lord's hands now. Take care.

-Elder Bales

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